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  •  EFT Tapping
    I wanted to share with all of you that in the last week I have discovered on youtube the powerful healing method of EFT Tapping.  My friend and hairdresser, Jules Phariss, turned me onto it. I don’t know why I didn’t discover it before. WOW! In this last week, I have been  concentratin...
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  •  Divine Love Affirmations For Lost & Found Soul Mates
    Divine Love is God’s love; and when you use Divine Love in your  affirmations to improve our love life , they can be very powerful. These affirmations are to enhance Soul Mate Love and to bring back lost soul mate love.  I have been repeating affirmations for as long as I can remember. I use...
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  •  Attention Singles Nudists In Tampa Bay Area
    Pink Chick here I run Pasco County Florida Single Nudists, and I am hosting a singles dinner this Thursday night 11/20 at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, Please RSVP to me at with the subject line SINGLES DINNER by tomorrow (Wednesday) evening The Details are below:   Clo...
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  •  Affirmations For Disolving Problems In Relationships
      Childhood issues and past relationship issues effect your present and can really wreck havoc on your belief about yourself and your love life. What you believe creates the environment you are in. If you don’t believe you deserve love, your unconscious self will work to sabotage your relatio...
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  •  My Precognitive Sex Dream Last Night
    HAVE YOU EVER HAD A  PRECOGNITIVE SEX DREAM THAT CAME TRUE? Precognitive dreams are the ability to see the future in your dreams by dreaming about events before they occur through a sixth sense. I  consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who has precognitive dreams-especially precognitive sex ...
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  •  Eros, The God of Romantic & Erotic Love
    I am quite fascinated with Greek Mythology and with the healing modalities of the different mythical Gods and Goddesses.  I meditate with the particular mythical Gods and Goddesses that I am drawn to, and they have been so powerful for me in healing different issues in my life . I also do Reiki Hea...
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  •  Tony Robbins Date With Destiny
      In 27 days from today, I will be in Boca Raton, Florida at Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny.  I booked it Thanksgiving weekend last year after going to Unleash The Power Within in New York, and I can’t believe Date With Destiny is finally almost here. Unleash The Power Within was ...
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  •  More Affirmations For Great Sex
      Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our frame of mind; however, childhood parental issues and other issues and traumas, along with society beliefs about sex and our parents belief s about sex, inadvertently are passed onto us. All of this s...
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  •  Oh How I Love The Word Naked
    Although there are many aspects to me,  I love being “naked”, and I love the word “naked”. Yes, I know, that the word “naked” MIGHT have a sexual connotation for many people; however, I personally prefer the word “naked” better then the word “nu...
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  •  Breaking Up In A Text Or Email Message
    First and foremost, in my mind, it is NOT ok to break up with someone in a text or email message. I have read recently where a huge number of people dump their boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other digitally these days. It started with computers, then cell phones and now there is on line dating. ...
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Greetings From The Pink Chick Psychic!  You Rock!

It's all about love, sex and romance BABY!

Greetings From The Pink Chick Psychic! You Rock!

Welcome to my pink pink pink world

Hi my name is Linda Kaye, but you can call me the PINK CHICK. Yes, that's right. I am obsessed with the color pink. I drive a custom painted hot pink Toyota Corolla, and I bet you don't see many of those around. I also have wall to wall hot pink carpet, and I am ALWAYS adorned in something pink.

My hot pink Car

I have been a psychic, love coach and soul communicator since 1985 and a Reiki Master since 2008. I do phone, email and text message readings. I do not do in person readings.   Although my main focus is about love, I also do finance and career readings, pet readings, channelled messages from those who have past on and more.

Are you driving yourself crazy wondering what your lover

or ex lover is feeling about you?

My expertise is in channeling your lover, ex lover or potential lover's deepest most hidden thoughts, feelings and intention towards you + future by communicating with their soul,and you will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you. I do this just from a first name alone.   My feelings readings are my most popular readings, and you can receive them by a phone or email reading. They help you to keep your emotions in check, so that you don't obssess outwardly. Obsessing outwardly can really hurt a relationship that is going through a lot of ups and downs. Perhaps the object of your affection needs time; and because of your rush to commitment, he or she feels pressured. A relationship can actually be altered through obsessive behavior. Please read my article on HOW TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU.

Feelings Readings


Are you single and looking for your soul mate?

My Psychic Love Coaching Programs (which include phone sessions, psychic readings & reiki) were designed to help you in  manifesting your own EPIC LOVE STORY  It starts with YOU. EPIC LOVE is Soul mate Love, and it is your divine right to have the kind of relationship that you have always wanted to have. What you believe is what you create. If you believe you are unworthy, then you manifest relationships that help keep you in that belief of being unworthy. If you believe you deserve love, then love and passion are with you every step of the way. Click here for more information on my psychic love coaching programs.

Becoming a Reiki Master in 2008 changed my life,

It brought my abilities as a psychic love coach and healer to a higher and more powerful level for me to help others. God gave me my wonderful psychic gifts as a love psychic, soul communicator, love coach,  and reiki healer, and I use them wisely. One of my purposes here in this lifetime is to support single men and women in finding their soul mate and experiencing your own EPIC LOVE STORY. Everyone has the ability to manifest their own unique EPIC LOVE STORY.

 My Soul Purpose

 is to assist you, guide you and support you in your love goals. I connect couples for greater love, intimacy, passion and sexuality; and with a combination of my psychic insights, my  gifts as a love coach, intuitive reiki healings, affirmations, visualization, etc the  possibilities are endless.  In my psychic love coaching sessions, not only do I help guide you into the loving arms of yourself, I help guide you into the loving arms of your next soul mate relationship. I also concentrate on removing stuck emotional and sexual energy and negative past life love karma. To learn more about my coaching programs, click here.

Focus Charts

I have had several of these charts done for me, and they have an incredible  high degree of accuracy. You must mention the word PINK, because you never know what kind of surprise might be in store for you once you purchase one of these focus life charts. Perhaps a free email reading from me?


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