It's All About Love BABY!

Linda "Pink Chick" is a Psychic Medium, Soul Communicator, Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, Psychic Love Coach, Reiki Healer, Author and Goddess with an obsession for the color pink and a passion for the nudist lifestyle


Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader


Did you know that our past lives shape our destiny in this lifetime, and that we can shape and shift our destiny. I believe that we can access our past lives whenever we desire.

Did you know that when we pass on, we do not die. Our souls just move into another life and another body. We then start over again.

Did you know that we have more then one soul mate. The power is within us to manifest our next soul mate relationship.

As a Professional Love Psychic, Psychic Love Coach, Soul Communicator, Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader and Reiki Master, my soul purpose in this lifetime is to guide YOU into the arms of your true beloved and soul mate. We all have more then one soul mate, so if one soul mate relationship doesn't work out, we can be divinely guided into our next soul mate relationships. I am a powerful manifestor, and I teach my clients how to manifest what they would like their desired outcome to be.

I have been doing readings for over 30 years, and I am here to serve you in your quest for true and perfect love.

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