Greetings From The Pink Chick Psychic. YOU ROCK!

May the love prints on your soul ALWAY be positive, uplifting and fullfilling.

Pink Chick Psychic

PSYCHIC LOVE COACHING - Close your eyes and imagine yourself falling asleep in the arms of your future beloved. You feel safe, loved, warm, wanted and desired. Imagine yourself making love to him or her and then falling asleep in eachother's arms. Can you see him/her? Your future beloved is waiting for you to open your heart, mind, body and soul to him/her Don't let another month, season or year go by without attracting your soul mate. If you are going through a great loss/rejection/ending of a relationhip, know that YOU have more then one soul mate. If one soul mate relationship doesn't work out, You can manifest a new and even better soul mate relationship. The power is within YOU. I will guide you in manifesting your Epic Love Story through my 3 Month and 6 Month Psychic Love Coaching Programs. CLICK HERE AND START TODAY.

EMAIL READINGS - From $15 on up. I cover all aspects of your love life with a major emphasis on your lover or ex lover's feelings for you with future included. I also do readings on career and finances. Do not want another minute to discover your love future. BUY NOW!

PHONE READINGS - Phone Readings are $3.00 a minute with a minimum of 10 Minutes. BUY NOW!

REIKI DISTANT HEALINGS - As a Usui Reiki Master, I serve as a vessel that supplies healing energies where they are most needed or most desired. Reiki is universal healing energy. I work on healing people emotionally, physically and spiritually-whatever their needs are I work on all levels - body, mind, spirit, aura, soul and chakras. I help people to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also work with the different healing modalities of many of the mythical Gods & Goddesses. Start your healing journey today. BUY NOW!

REIKI ATTUNEMENTS - I sell over 600 Reiki Attunements channeled by myself and by many different Reiki Masters. BUY NOW!