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Psychic Readings And Reiki Healings On Love, Intimacy and Sexuality

My psychic love coaching programs for singles can help you manifest your own epic love story

Psychic Readings And Reiki Healings On Love, Intimacy and Sexuality

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Hi my name is Linda Kaye, but you can call me the PINK CHICK. I have

been a psychic, love coach and soul communicator since 1985 and a

Reiki Master since 2008. I do phone, email and text message readings.

I do not do in person readings.

With a name alone, I can read your lover or ex lover's thoughts,

feelings and intention towards you + future by communicating with their

soul,and you will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you. My

feelings readings are my most popular, readings, and they help you to keep

your emotions in check, so that you don't obsess outwardly. Obsessing

outwardly can really hurt a relationship that is going through a lot of ups

and downs. Perhaps the object of your affection needs time; and because

of your rush to commitment, he or she feels pressured. A relationship can

actually be altered through obsessive behavior.

My psychic love coaching programs (which include phone sessions

psychic readings & reiki) were designed to help you in  manifesting your

own EPIC LOVE STORY. It starts with YOU. EPIC LOVE is Soul mate

Love, and it is your divine right to have the kind of relationship that you

have always wanted to have. What you believe is what you create. If

you believe you are unworthy, then you manifest relationships that help

keep you in that belief of being unworthy. If you believe you deserve

love, then love and passion are with you every step of the way.

Becoming a Reiki Master in 2008 changed my life, and it brought my

abilities as a psychic love coach and healer to a higher and more

powerful level for me to help others. God gave me my wonderful psychic

gifts as a love psychic, love coach and reiki healer, and I use them

wisely. One of my purposes here in this lifetime is to support single men

and women in finding their soul mate and experiencing your own EPIC

LOVE STORY. Everyone has the ability to manifest their own unique



As a single woman, I have a huge amount of insight through

my trials and tribulations out in the dating world. My expertise and

purpose is to assist you, guide you and support you in your love goals. I

connect couples for greater love, intimacy, passion and sexuality; and

with a combination of my psychic insights, my gifts as a love coach,

intuitive reiki healings, affirmations, visualization, etc the possibilities

are endless.  In my psychic love coaching sessions, not only do I help

guide you into the loving arms of yourself, I help guide you into the

loving arms of your next soul mate relationship. I also concentrate on

removing stuck emotional and sexual energy and negative past life love

karma. To learn more about my coaching programs, click here




I have been living at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Land O'

Lakes,Florida since 2003. I can tell you 100 percent that my

life is NOT boring.For information on the Pink Chick Nudist of the Pasco

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