It's All About Love BABY!

Greetings From The Pink Chick Psychic. YOU ROCK!

May the love prints on your soul ALWAY be positive, uplifting and fullfilling.

Sexy Love Affirmations is an affirmation book in the form of recipes, and it is compiled from my own personal dating experiences, my experiences as a professional love psychic and matchmaker, my fascination with tantra and the relationship workshops that I have taken.. I have gained tremendous insight, strength and wisdom within my heart, and I’ve grown to love and accept the Divine Goddess within me. Who better than me to be your personal love chef guiding you through the highs and lows of love? I know now that it is much easier to let go than to hang on to a relationship that isn't going anywhere. It's easy to get what you want when you know what you want. I will take you step by step in creating your soul mate and then show you how to keep him/her happy in and out of the bedroom with my wonderful fun recipesfor romance and great sex. Do you know what kind of lover you are?

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Feelings Psychic Reading As your psychic love coach, I am here to guide you who are single and searching  into the arms of your future beloved and soul mate. Are you tired of being alone when everyone else is coupled up (especially on holidays)?  Through my 3 month or 6 month psychic love coaching programs, you can eliminate whatever is blocking you from love. Each coaching session includes a Reiki healing session and a psychic reading on your love life.  CLICK HERE NOW.


Psychic Love Coach Have you ever wondered why you can't get your mind off someone?  It means that he or she is thinking about you. Would you like to know what they are thinking and feeling. As your love psychic, I am able to delve into the far corner or his or her mind, heart and soul to channel his or her deepest most intimate thoughts and feelings for you. Stop wondering. Click here to buy a feelings reading by email today.  If you would like a feelings reading over the phone, click here .