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Linda Kaye "Pink Chick" is a Psychic Love Coach, Soul Communicator, Reiki Master a woman with unlimited potential, a goddess, a lover, pink Connoisseur and a lifetime nudist living in a clothing optional resort in Florida.

 Feelings Psychic Reading

I feel and believe within the very depths of my soul that our past lives shape our destiny in this lifetime, and that we can shape and shift our destiny. I believe that we can access our past lives whenever we desire.

I feel and believe that when we pass on, we do not die. We just move into another life and another body.

I feel and believe that the power is within us to manifest our next soul mate relationship, and that we have more than one soul mate

I feel and believe that each and everyone of us is psychic.

I feel, believe and embrace the Sexy Goddess within me.

I am  a natural born psychic and soul communicator who was born with a memory of a past life.  I specialize in love and relationships, and my expertise is in reading someone's feelings for you. My divine purpose is to guide you through the highs and lows of love. Allow me to channel your lover, lost love or even a potential lover's most hidden thoughts and feelings for you in and out of the bedroom and if you have a future together. You will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you. All I need is his or her first name. I do not want to know anything else.

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Soul Mate

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 Thank you God I AM GRATEFUL!

May the lip prints on your soul ALWAY be  positive, uplifting and fullfilling.