Her Readings Are On Point

I have received many readings from Linda both via email and via telephone. I purchased her attunements and her kindle ebooks. Her accuracy is undeniably on point. She has described the person or situation with such accuracy and with great detail. Her time frame is very accurate whether past or future. She reads as if the person is sitting right in front of her whispering in her ear giving the information being requested. I will continue to seek guidance from Linda whether email, phone call or card because she is always right. She has not mislead me at all or given me false hope. She is direct and will not sugar coat but will let you know if there is hope for this relationship or situation.

You are excellent and incredibly awesome.

Namaste Divine Soul Linda,
I am eternally grateful to the creative infinite intelligence in me which guided me to you and to the infinite intelligence in you that responded to me perfectly at the right time.
You are amazing, outstanding and unique. You are connected to your higher self and with all that is.All the energies love you and they guide you.That’s why your readings are perfect and divinely guided.
I had the most incredible divine experience with you.
Your reading about me was perfect.
Your solution to my problem in my romantic relationship was mindblowing.
I implemented and doing it daily and I have benefited immensely.
I am becoming more beautiful and so is my love life.
Your services are excellent.
Your responses are instant and highly commendable and appreciated.
You are world class psychic love medium and my inspiration.
In future, I am in process of learning as much as you have learnt from you.
Keep up the great noble work.
You add laughter,joy,ecstacy,bliss,love and happiness to the crystalline grid.
I salute the divinity in you.
Sending you love and light in return.
Stay blessed and happy always.
So be it.

Skeptic turned believer

I came across Linda’s website a couple years ago but never utilized her because I had been burned so much before in the past by so called “readers”. Fast forward to a couple of months ago I found a video of hers on YouTube and thought “why not?”. I purchased a general love reading from her and was anxious to see what she would say. Honestly when I first got my reading I was super skeptical and even wrote her letting her know it did not resonate with me. Then BOOM. I wanna say a month or so later the guy that she predicited actually SHOWED UP. And the specific details she mentioned were accurate as well. I now believe that this woman is the real thing and this is coming from a MAJOR skeptic burned by many false readers. Thank you Linda!❤


Emerald attunement

I feel this is such a strong and manifestation attunement and be prepared for its enlivening energies to feel your true positive worth and potential and abundance in love and happiness.Janet K

Amazing experience

« I had hired pink chick for a reading … her reading turned out to be accurate . This guy i had a crush on liked me but he had truly decided not to pursue me . I found out the exact same thing when I saw him
Again during the holidays .
Pink chick is super accurate and won’t give you bull? She ll tell you just the truth which is what you need to hear in those very vulnerable moments …I highly recommend her »

Thank you