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Kindle Ebook Soul Mate Series

November 15, 2018

I have been a client and follower for so many years. Also puchased the ekindle book of “How to Know If Someone Is Thinking of You”, read all her articles. Very fun, yet intuitive. Amazed at how she can channel into anyone’s feelings and thoughts. So glad to be part […]

Interesting, informative and alternative

Interesting, informative and alternative. A well written book that will introduce you to some thinking outside the box. By the way, dream programming is absolutely possible – been doing it for years!

A book well written

I have been feeling the funny feeling in my chest and heart. Along with the feeling my emotions build and I uncontrollably cry for several minutes till the feeling subside and I can resume what ever I’m doing. I had a feeling it was because someone was thinking of me […]

Amazing book!

Amazing book I thought I was the only one that could do this stuff I feel like Linda understands and continues to guide me and bless me with confirmation. I love all her affirmations they really help.