Venus Goddess Of Love Reiki Healing Package Of 6


Valued at $282.50. You pay $240 for this Reiki Healing Meditation Series of 6  with Goddess Venus + Email Readings



I will work with Roman Goddess Venus to invoke within you. She is known as the Roman goddess of love, feminine beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. If you are looking to manifest a new lover/soul mate or recreate the passion in a  relationship that has gone stale and boring,  Venus is your Goddess.  She can stimulate and raise your sexual and sensual vibrations and help you to feel more sexually and emotionally alive. A package of 6 Reiki healing sessions will certainly give you a head start in the love department that’s for sure.

If you wish, If you so desire in between Reiki Healing, you can  program Venus into your dreams just by calling on her to come into your dreams, and then state your purpose.

An approx. 300-350 word email reading  (valued at $42.50) comes with this package, and it will be completed before your first healing to determine the healing direction to go in when I am invoking Venus.

Healings done 2x a week. First and last reiki healing will be done in real time by appointment. You meditate while I send you the energy The other 4 will be at unspecified times. You will be notified when the healngs are complete, and you will receive your healing in a chi ball for you to meditate with later. After each healing, you will be sent a very short email of approximate 75-100 words with the channelled messages I received from doing your healing.




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