750 Prepaid Phone Minutes


Ongoing Clients – $2.00 a Minute – Priority 1 – You pay $1500



get the first available appointment within 1 days of

requesting them unless I am on vacation. I also take either

Saturdays or Sundays off.


If you absolutely love receiving phone readings with me, then this is the perfect choice for you.

My regular rate is $3.33 a minute with a minimum of 15 minutes.

When purchasing 750 minutes, you pay $2.50 a minute.

750 prepaid minutes for $1875. (regular price is $3.33 a minute = $2497.50 – a savings of $622.50)

Your minutes can be used in as little in 15 minute (50) and 30 minute (25) increments.

Your readings can be about love, sex, romance, soul mates, lost loves, finances, career, etc. All readings come with oracle card readings as well.

Your minutes can be partially gifted (up to 1/2 of your purchased minutes)
to friends and family just because  you love them or for birthday and holiday gifts.

Love, sex, romance, soul mates, lost loves, success, prosperity, pet readings, oracle card readings and more.

You have 18 months from the date of purchase to use your minutes in increments of 15 and 30 minute increments. All unused minutes expire at the end of 18 months.  This package comes with two free reiki healings at anytime within the 18 months.






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