Dream Coaching & Psychic Reading Session – 60 Minutes


60 Minutes



This package is for dreamers, for those who desire to dream and can’t and for those who want to manifest their dream lover. This package includes: 
1 Hour Dream Coaching & Psychic Session
 Learn about the Angels and Archangels and Gods and Goddess that you can program your dreams with
  Learn how to set up your dream alter and your love alter. 
 Dream Lover meditation session to bring in your dream lover
Journaling your dreams and to remember your dreams.  
I will also work with you in guiding you to interpret your own dreams. 
THE LAST 15-20 MINUTES of your dream coaching session includes a channelled psychic reading with oracle cards on your love life on the oracle card deck of your choice. I have over 40 decks to choose from. 



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