Psychic Sale – Dream Coaching – 30-40 Minutes


30 Minutes – $20 off this weekend only – Sale ends Monday 10/8/18.




A Dream Goddess Coaching Session to coach you through a specific dream. 

In the first part of your psychic reading and dream coaching session, I will do a psychic reading on your love life (which includes oracle cards). Through this reading, we will “see” if your present relationship is for your soul’s highest and best good.  am clairvoyant (see images), clairsentient (channel feelings) and  I do automatic writing (I see words and sentences through my third eye). I also do Oracle Card Reading from one  (or more) of the 40 decks that I read from.

There are many different powerful mythical Gods and Goddesses that can guide you in your dreams.

I work with you in helping you receive the insight you need for figuring out the messages in your dream. I will also teach you how to program your dreams for creating an EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE  soul mate that is for your soul’s highest and best good.

Also includes a Guided Dream Lover Meditation over the phone. 


Here are the powerful benefits of Dream Goddess Coaching

  • Remembering your dreams

  • Programming your dreams for guidance in shifting and changing your life.

  • Discovering your dream guides – Archangels, Mythical Gods and Goddess and Ascended Masters, etc.

  • Finding, feeling and connecting with your dream shield.

  • Setting up your dream alter

  • Working with healing crystals

  • Dream Meditations

  • Forming dream partnerships to increase the power of your dreams

  • Lucid Dreaming

  • Dream Meditations

  • And So Much More…



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