Channeled Direct Feelings Psychic Reading With Future


2 Day Sale $2.00 off  100-150 word DIRECT feelings reading with future.  You will feel as if your lover/ex lover is actually speaking to you.


This is a 100-150 word DIRECT feeliings reading with future. You will feel as if he/she is actually speaking to you.  All we need for this reading is the first name ONLY of his or her name.

Eros means sexual passion, lust, arousal, gratification and fulfillment in Greek Mythology. The origin of the word came from the mythical God Eros. The word erotic comes from his name. Even in ancient times, his quality of love was thought to be spiritual as well as physical, and was generally believed to be the deity who caused the love of beauty, healing, freedom, and many other good things as well as the love between people. Eros was the son of Aphrodite, and he is known as the God of Love, Passion and Desire.  He is one of the most beautiful and worshiped amongst all Gods and is represented in all forms of art. Eros was also the God of fertility.


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