Instagram Follower Psychic Sale – $10 OFF SOUL MATES, LOVERS & LOST LOVES + Future Psychic Reading


SALE ENDS 6/12/19


You must be following me on INSTAGRAM at pinkchickpsychic to take advantage of my $10 off sale. Please  CLICK HERE to follow me on Instagram before you purchase this reading. Please email me instantly at or message me on Instagram with your Instagram name once you make your purchase. If you are not following me on Instagram, your reading will be reduced to 200-250 words. 

Only $32.50 (Regular price $42.50) Sale ends Friday, July 12th.

Approximately 300-350 Words

This feelings psychic reading for soul mates, lovers and lost loves includes your soul mate, lover or lost love’s feelings for you (indirect and direct) + if you have a future together. Due to volume, all readings will be completed WITHIN 4 days of purchase.


Are you feeling an intense emotional feeling in your chest area  when you think about your soul mate, your lover or your lost love?  When this occurs, even though you are miles apart, does it feel like your soul mate, your lover or your lost love is in the same room  with you?  This is because your souls are connecting  on the Astral Plane even though you are awake. They are carrying on a soul mate relationship  from memories of your past lives together. They are kissing, making love, dancing. etc. Your souls don’t know how to let go. It makes it difficult to move on. That is if you even want to move on.

When I do my feelings readings for my clients, I am channeling the soul of the person you are asking about, and I channeling their softness and their energy. Here is how to know when someone is thinking about you and how to understand and connect with their thoughts. As your love psychic, I can help YOU to uncover the truth about his/her feelings for you. After you have purchased your reading,  I will channel his/her thoughts as if he/she is actually speaking to you.

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