It’s All About Love Feelings Email Readings By Appointment


This is the only feelings email reading that you can purchase by appointment. If you purchase it by 5pm Eastern, you should receive it the same day; otherwise, it will be done the next day. Weekends vary as to whether I am available after 5pm Eastern to do your reading.


Vacation Schedule October 24-November 7,2018.  If you purchase an email reading by appointment during this time,  your reading will not be completed until I return. You will be at the top of my list and number 1 priority when I am open again for business on the 7th. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that you most likely won’t hear from me right away due to me being on a cruise ship. I did purchase wifi, but I hear it is not the best on the ship that I will be on. Please be patient. Your readings will be completed in the order received when I return, and of course appointment readings are first..

As you know, I have a huge volume of email reading. Instead of waiting 4-5  days for your IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE EMAIL READING,. You can purchase this reading BEFORE 5pm Eastern,  and in MOST cases it will done in the same day; otherwise it will be done the next day.  THIS IS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SATURDAY.  





As a professional love psychic and soul communicator,, my expertise is in channeling your someone’s deepest most intimate thoughts, feelings and intentions towards you in and out of the bedroom; and if your future together.. 


Current situation

Direct -You will feel as if he or she is speaking to you.

Indirect – It’s what I pick up from his/her energy.

If you have a future together. 

 Oracle Card Reading also included



Please email me at or fill out the form below once you have made your payment.  Please ONLY email me with his/her first name. All information is private. NO OTHER INFORMATION PLEASE. THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER, AND THE MORE ACCURATE YOUR READING WILL BE. Also please choose which oracle card deck you would like your channelled reading to be done through.


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