Rebirth Of The Spirit Pink Butterfly Earrings – PCP155


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Butterfly Goddess Earrings -Rebirth Of The Spirit

These handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind pink glass earrings represent the Rebirth of the Spirit as represented by Psyche “The Butterfly Goddess”. The butterfly to me represents reincarnation; and therefore, rebirth of the spirit. Our spirits stay the same, but our bodies shift, change and evolve as we transform ourselves from lifetime to lifetime. Eros (God of love) was married to Psyche. Wear these earrings to be reminded of the butterfly within you when you are experiencing or wanting to experience rebirth and transformation. Usually ships within two business days to US customers only. $3.00 S/H.

I will soon be handcrafting a gemstone earring version of  transformation and rebirth. Email me at if you would like to be notified when I add them to my shop. Stay tuned….


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