Psychic Love Coaching Sessions

I will work with you in writing your own personalized relationship rulebook for love, sex and romance which will helps you to express your own uniqueness and discover the freedom within you to be the YOU that you have always wanted to be. Love attracts love, and fear attracts fear. Don’t let your past control your future.
Each session comes with an intensive psychic reading on your future love life, and  I will channel a lover or ex lover’s deepest most intimate feelings for you and if you have a future together.  All sessions include an soul coaching oracle card reading as well. All sessions (except for the 30 minute session) include a Reiki healing.
My Psychic Love Coaching Programs are for YOU who are single and searching for YOUR soul mate and YOUR epic love story. Don’t let another month, season or year go by without attracting a soul mate relationship.  If YOU are going through a great loss/rejection/ending of a relationship, know that YOU have more then one soul mate. If one soul mate relationship  doesn’t work out,  together we can work on a plan of action for  manifesting a new and even better soul mate relationship for you. The power is within YOU. 
If you can relate, you  are a perfect candidate for my PSYCHIC LOVE COACHING Programs.

Are you afraid of being alone and single for the next 3, 5, 10 years?
Are you missing love, passion, joy and intimacy in your life?
Are you longing to fall asleep in your future soul mate’s arms?
Are you wondering why you are single and everyone else is coupled up?
Are you always choosing emotionally unavailable men or women?
Are you tired of spending every holiday, including New Years Eve, alone?
Are you tired of traveling alone?
Are you tired of being the third wheel in your group of friends?


  1. Linda’s readings are truly amazing! She picked up on the situation and person correctly and was able to dig deep into how the person in question was and is feeling. It helped to confirm some things I was feeling but wasn’t sure it was real. Also, her prediction of this person coming forward within 3 weeks just happened, and I hadn’t heard from him in literally 2 years!