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You choose from 40 decks.
Channelled psychic reading on your love, sex and romantic life  with 3 Card Oracle Card Reading
Please ask one question about love and romance. Your question must be in two lines or less. I do not need to know the whole story. The less I know, the more accurate I am. Example of a question: What is going to happen between so and so and me. Chances are I will also answer how he or she feels and your future together.
I have 40 Oracle Card Decks to choose from for your reading, which include decks from Doreen Virtue, Collette Baron-Reid, Denise Linn, John Holland and more.There are a few oracle card desks listed below. If you have a preference, please let you know the oracle card deck that you would like me to work with from the partial list below. In doing your reading, I will let you know the cards that I choose for you from the deck of your choice. In some cases, I may even surprise you and choose from a second deck as well.
1. I am a Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader. These readings are very deep and very powerful. Through the wisdom of your soul, the truth is revealed. I will work with you to channel your soul’s personal messages meant only for you and for divine guidance and inspiration. The future does not have to be a mystery. What unfolds for you can be excited and can give you positive glimpses into a future you only dreamed about.   (Denise Linn)
2. I am a Certified Fairyologist, and I do Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card Readings. (Doreen Virtue)
3. Archangel Michael Oracle Card Readings (Doreen Virtue)
4. Archangels Oracle Card Readings (Doreen VIrtue)
5. The Enchanted Map (Collette Baron Reid)
6.  Wisdom Of The Oracle (Collette Baron Reid.
7. Nature Spirit (Denise Linn)
8. Wisdom Of The Hidden Rhelm (Collette Baron Reid)
9. Magical Messages From The Fairies (Doreen Virtue)
10. Wisdom Of The Hidden Rhelm (Collette Baron Reid)
11. The Romance Angels (Doreen Virtue)
12. Ascended Masters  (Doreen Virtue)
13.  Mermaids and Dophins (Doreen Virtue)
+ Plus 14 More Oracle Card Decks

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