Welcome to the Beautiful handmade Jewelry Category of my Psychic Shop.

There are two categories to my Earring Shop.

1. My Goddess Healing Gemstone Earrings are all handmade/handcrafted by me for attracting love into your life. They include beautiful moonstone earrings, rose quartz, agate, lava beads and more to come. Most of my Gemstone earrings all have the main color as pink. They come in Attract Love Packages, which include my handmade Reiki infused earrings and a psychic reading on your love life. They are also $40 + FREE SHIPPING to US Customers only.

2. My SImply Goddess Earrings are FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US, and they are handmade/handcrafted by me with love and care. They are all unique and one of a kind, and they all have the main color pink in them. The category of Goddess Earrings has earrings for everyday life and for those romantic evenings when you want to feel and look your most beautiful sensual self, because it’s all about love here at Pink Chick Psychic.

Very soon, I will be including essential oils in all my Attract Love Earring Packages. Stay tuned…….

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  1. Linda’s readings are truly amazing! She picked up on the situation and person correctly and was able to dig deep into how the person in question was and is feeling. It helped to confirm some things I was feeling but wasn’t sure it was real. Also, her prediction of this person coming forward within 3 weeks just happened, and I hadn’t heard from him in literally 2 years!