OY VEY! Man Troubles Psychic Reading – 300-350 words


300-350 words. – Direct/Indirect/Future


This channelled psychic medium reading package includes your man’s  direct/indirect feelings and if there is a future between you. You should purchase this reading

if your man left you.

if you man is with someone else?

if your man stopped calling.

if he’s acting distant and peculiar.

if you can’t stop thinking about him, and you don’t know if it is you or him thinking about you.

if you are wondering what his deepest most intimate thoughts feelings and intentions are towards you.

if you are wondering if you have a future together.

if you are wondering if it is love or lust.


Please email me at pinklady420@aol.com or fill out the form below once you have made your payment.  Please ONLY email me with his/her first name. All information is private. DO NOT tell me the story. I do not need to know. I will tell you.  PLEASE. THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER, AND THE MORE ACCURATE YOUR READING WILL BE.



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