1 Question Email Reading By Appointment


 Your email reading will be done by appointment. 200-250 Words


200-250 words.

Once you have made your purchase, email me immediately at pinklady420@aol.com to make an appointment for me to do your email reading. We will set up a time for me to do your email reading. FOR INSTANCE, if your appointment is for 4pm  the same day or the next day, you will receive your reading WITHIN 20 minutes of your appointment (UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED). 

Please ask your question in15 words or less. Please no piggy backing your questions to try to get more then one question in there.

Please email me at pinklady420@aol.com or fill out the form below once you have made your payment.  Please ONLY email me with his/her first name. All information is private. NO OTHER INFORMATION PLEASE. THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER, AND THE MORE ACCURATE YOUR READING WILL BE.


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